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Instrument for fast whole-field peripheral refraction in the human eye


An instrument for fast and objective measurement of the peripheral refraction in the human eye is presented. The apparatus permits the automatic estimation of both defocus and astigmatism at any retinal eccentricity by scanning a near infrared beam. The design includes a Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensor and a steering mirror, which operate in combination with a compounded eyepiece for wide field operation. The basic scanning protocol allows the estimation of refraction in a circular retinal patch of 50 deg diameter (±25 from central fixation) in 3 sec. Combined with additional fixation points, wider retinal fields can be sampled to achieve a whole field. The instrument underwent calibration and testing, and its performance for real eyes was assessed in 11 subjects of varying age and refraction. The results show high repeatability and precision. The instrument provides a new tool for the investigation of peripheral optics in the human eye.

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