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Spherical Aberration Customization to Extend the Depth of Focus With a Clinical Adaptive Optics Visual Simulator



To evaluate the use of the VAO adaptive optics visual simulator (Voptica SL, Murcia, Spain) for customization of spherical aberration to increase depth of focus.

METHODS:Through-focus visual acuity with both high- and low-contrast letters from +1.00 to −3.00 diopters (D) was measured in 17 dilated eyes with three different induced amounts of spherical aberration for a 4.5-mm pupil diameter: control (0 µm), −0.15 µm, and −0.30 µm.

RESULTS:The defocus curves followed the same behavior with both values of contrast, but the visual acuity was 0.2 logMAR lower with low contrast. The mean values of high-contrast logMAR visual acuity at far, intermediate (67 cm), and near (40 cm) were −0.10, 0.11, and 0.37 for control, 0.04, 0.00, and 0.15 for −0.15 µm, and 0.23, 0.00, and 0.06 for −0.30 µm conditions. The 95% confidence interval ranged from ±0.14 to ±0.45 logMAR and the middle 50% of the distribution was approximately 0.2 logMAR.


Negative values of spherical aberration extend the depth of focus in different ways depending on each patient. The VAO is a new instrument that allows the visual customization of spherical aberration to enhance depth of focus.


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