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Analysis of the chicken retina with an adaptive optics multiphoton microscope


The structure and organization of the chicken retina has been investigated with an adaptive optics multiphoton imaging microscope in a backward configuration. Non-stained flat-mounted retinal tissues were imaged at different depths, from the retinal nerve fiber layer to the outer segment, by detecting the intrinsic nonlinear fluorescent signal. From the stacks of images corresponding to the different retinal layers, volume renderings of the entire retina were reconstructed. The density of photoreceptors and ganglion cells layer were directly estimated from the images as a function of the retinal eccentricity. The maximum anatomical resolving power at different retinal eccentricities was also calculated. This technique could be used for a better characterization of retinal alterations during myopia development, and may be useful for visualization of retinal pathologies and intoxication during pharmacological studies.

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