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Recommended Reading for an Optics Refresh


It’s difficult to remember all aspects of your training – let alone know how to correctly apply optics principles to the innovative
products offered by industry.
Have no fear: the Handbook of Visual Optics is here!

By Pablo Artal


Having worked in the field of ophthalmology for many years, it has always struck me as strange that many of my colleagues possess only a por understanding of the basic principles of optics. And I am afraid that the lack of knowledge extends beyond researchers and technicians to ophthalmologists. All too often, both researchers and clinicians make important mistakes about which they are completely unaware. Now, we have access to a comprehensive reference source that collates all the basic – as well as up-to-date and useful – information in a single work (1). Hopefully, the new resource will greatly reduce the frequency of certain common errors.


The good book

Anyone who thought, during training, that ophthalmology would give them an easy life will have been disappointed – but help is now at hand! Putting the Handbook of Visual Optics (Volumes I and II) together required a delicate balance between focusing on the basics and including the very latest research – and I hope we have succeeded. Certainly, I am very pleased with the contents – for example, the first two chapters are authored by a pair of outstanding contributors; in Chapter 1, Gerald Westheimer (University of California, Berkeley, USA) provides a very nice historical perspective on developments in ophthalmology during the twentieth century – he is well into his nineties now, but he is still amazing! And in Chapter 2, David Williams (University of Rochester, New York, USA) gives us his views on the future of physiological optics, which of course is highly relevant to practical ophthalmology. These two chapters are really good reads, and help ensure that the first volume really has something for everyone. […]

Download the full article in pdf: Recommended Reading for an Optics Refresh

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