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Swept source optical coherence tomography and tunable lens technology for comprehensive imaging and biometry of the whole eye


Standard optical systems in ophthalmology are strictly dedicated either to retinal or to anterior segment imaging due to the refractive properties of the eye. We demonstrate a swept source optical coherence tomography platform with an electrically tunable lens (ETL) for versatile 3D in vivo imaging of both the eye’s anterior segment and the retina. The optimized optical setup with adaptive operational states of the ETL permits focusing on the retina and on the anterior segment. Dynamic control of the optical beam focus allows for OCT image enhancement, leading to the visualization of the vitreous details at both the vitreo-lenticular and vitreo-retinal attachment sites in an unprecedented manner. ETL tuning enables sequential visualization of the anterior and posterior segment of the eye, and such whole eye imaging can be also used to perform quantitative ocular biometry.

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