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Study on the effects of monochromatic aberrations in the accommodation response by using adaptive optics


The effect of asymmetric monochromatic aberrations in the accommodation response was studied by using an adaptive optics (AO) system. This approach permits the precise modification of ocular aberrations during accommodation. The AO system is composed of a real-time Hartmann–Shack wavefront sensor and a membrane deformable mirror with 37 independent actuators. The accommodation response was measured in two subjects with their normal aberrations and with the asymmetric aberrations terms corrected. We found a significant and systematic increase in the response accommodation time, and a reduction in the peak velocity, in both subjects when the aberrations were corrected in real time. However, neither the latency time nor the precision of the accommodation were affected. These results may indicate that the monochromatic aberrations play a role in driving the accommodation response.

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doi: /10.1364/JOSAA.22.001732

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