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Single-pixel imaging of the retina throughscattering media


Imaging the retina of cataractous patients is useful to detect pathologies before the cataract surgery is performed. However, for conventional ophthalmoscopes, opacifications convert the lens into a scattering medium that may greatly deteriorate the retinal image. In this paper we show, as a proof of concept, that it is possible to surpass the limitations imposed by scattering applying to both, a model and a healthy eye, a newly developed ophthalmoscope based on single-pixel imaging. To this end, an instrument was built that incorporates two imaging modalities: conventional flood illumination and single-pixel based. Images of the retina were acquired firstly in an artificial eye and later in healthy living eyes with different elements which replicate the scattering produced by cataractous lenses. Comparison between both types of imaging modalities shows that, under high levels of scattering, the single-pixel ophthalmoscope outperforms standard imaging methods.

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