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Retinal cell imaging in myopic chickens using adaptive optics multiphoton microscopy



Abnormal eye growth induced by visual deprivation can modify the structure and density of the retinal cells. We have used an  adaptive optics multiphoton microscope to image photoreceptors (PRs) and ganglion cells (GCs) at different retinal locations in unstained retinas of chicken eyes with about 10D of myopia and their normal-sighted fellow eyes. In all samples, the local  averaged inter-PR distance increased with eccentricity. No significant differences in PR density were found between control and myopic eyes. GC density declined in myopic eyes compared to control eyes and the inter-cell distance increased. In normal eyes, the size of the GC cell bodies increased approximately two-fold between the area centralis and the peripheral retina. In myopic eyes, this trend was preserved but the GC bodies were larger at each retinal location, compared to control eyes. Obviously, GC morphology is changing when the retinal area is enlarged in myopic eyes.

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OCIS codes: (170.3880) Medical and biological imaging; (180.4315) Nonlinear microscopy; (110.1080) Active or adaptive optics; (170.4470) Ophthalmology

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