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Optical-Digital procedure for the determination of white-light retinal images of a point test


The white-light point spread function (PSF) of the human eye is computed from monochromatic results obtained by a hybrid optical-digital procedure. The method is based on the linear recording of monochromatic aerial short-term retinal images of a point test. From these data, the monochromatic PSF is computed, and the wave aberration of the human eye is retrieved from the actual PSF by means of a phase retrieval method. The white-light PSF is generated by a digital image processing system from the monochromatic wave aberrations corresponding to three different wavelengths. The procedure proposed here allows a more complete evaluation of the optical image quality in the human eye and can be used in a variety of practical applications. As an example, the methodology is used to obtain objectively information on the reflecting layers in the retina for different incident wavelengths.

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