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Hybrid adaptive-optics visual simulator



We have developed a hybrid adaptive-optics visual simulator (HAOVS), combining two different phasemanipulationtechnologies: an optically addressed liquid-crystal phase modulator, relatively slow but capableof producing abrupt or discontinuous phase profiles; and a membrane deformable mirror, restricted tosmooth profiles but with a temporal response allowing compensation of the eye’s aberration fluctuations. Asproof of concept, a phase element structured as discontinuous radial sectors was objectively tested as a functionof defocus, and a correction loop was closed in a real eye. To further illustrate the capabilities of thedevice for visual simulation, we recorded extended images of different stimuli through the system by meansof an external camera replacing the subject’s eye. The HAOVS is specially intended as a tool for developingnew ophthalmic optics elements, where it opens the possibility to explore designs with irregularities and/ordiscontinuities.

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