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Double-pass wavefront shaping for scatter correction in a cataract’s model


Cataracts are a common ocular pathology involving an increase in the amount of intraocular light scattering. This causes vision impairment by blurring and reducing the contrast in retinal images. The current treatment for this pathology is cataract surgery, which is an invasive procedure with possible side effects, such as corneal edema, infection or retinal detachment among others. In this work, we propose a non-invasive approach to improve vision through the cataractous lenses by manipulating the wavefront of the incident light. By using a fluorescent signal as feedback (similar to the inherent fluorescence of the lipofuscin pigment at the retina) we show the capability of improving the point spread function (PSF) of the eye in a single pass through the artificial eye’s optics, while the feedback signal is measured in a double-pass configuration, making the whole system completely non-invasive, opening new possibilities for real-time vision correction through cataracts with wearable devices.

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