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Characterizing image quality in a scanning laser ophthalmoscope with differing pinholes and induced scattered light


We quantify the effects on scanning laser ophthalmoscope image quality of controlled amounts of scattered light, confocal pinhole diameter, and age. Optical volumes through the optic nerve head were recorded for a range of pinhole sizes in 12 subjects (1964  years)(19–64  years). The usefulness of various overall metrics in quantifying the changes in fundus image quality is assessed. For registered and averaged images, we calculated signal-to-noise ratio, entropy, and acutance. Entropy was best able to distinguish differing image quality. The optimum confocal pinhole diameter was found to be 50m50 μm (on the retina), providing improved axial resolution and image quality under all conditions.

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doi: 10.1364/JOSAA.24.001284

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