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An aspheric intraocular telescope for age-related macular degeneration patients

Abstract: We have designed an intraocular telescope for the posterior
chamber of the human eye of patients with age related macular
degeneration. The basic design is composed of two decentered high optical
power lenses ( + 66D and −66D) inducing a 3° prismatic effect to project a
magnified central field of view into a healthier location off the central
fovea. Aspheric surfaces were used to ensure a compromise between good
optical quality and high tolerance to the final axial position of both lenses
after surgery. With this particular design, the telescope affords an extended
range of depth of focus, high tolerance to different axial lengths of the eye
and robustness against typical values of astigmatism and higher order
aberrations. The final design has been manufactured in a foldable material
and is compact enough to facilitate surgical implantation. This telescope is a
simple but promising intraocular visual aid for AMD patients.

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