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Silvestre Manzanera


Associate Professor

Centro de Investigación en Óptica y Nanofísica, Edif. CIOyN
Campus de Espinardo 30100 – Murcia (Spain)
Phone: 868 88 8315

Silvestre Manzanera did his PhD in Physics in the Laboratorio de Optica at the University of Murcia under Professor Pablo Artal’s supervision, working on adaptive optics (AO) applied to the human eye. In particular, he helped in the development of adaptive optics visual simulators (AOVS). This is an instrument that requires a combination of different technologies, photonics, instrumental optics, electronics and control theory, to simulate vision under carefully controlled optical conditions. This technology had immediate applications in the design and testing of new ophthalmic devices such as contact lenses or intraocular lenses. In his PhD beyond the construction of the instrument he also focused on the design and testing of optical solutions to correct for presbyopia. Since then, the design, improvement and use of this instrument for both basic and applied research has been one of the topics in his scientific career. The strong applicability of the AOVS led him to participate in an important number of projects funded by international companies that resulted in a significant number of publications and the improvement of ophthalmic solutions currently in the market. He was also directly involved in the development, as a co-founder, of Voptica S.L., a spin-off company to further develop commercially ocular adaptive optics. In the last years, he continued with the development of a new generation of AOVS that is capable of testing vision simultaneously on both eyes increasing the variety and number of experiments that were performed. He has also participated in other experimental projects in optoelectronics for biomedical applications.

He was a post-doc in two leading labs in the US. This allowed him to obtain a deeper knowledge on other application of AO, high resolution retinal imaging. In 2005 he worked at David Williams’ lab (Rochester), a world leader group in AO, to develop a miniaturized photonics technology-based interferometer to be incorporated into an AO system for imaging the living human retina. In 2009-10, he spent two years in Austin Roorda’s lab (University of California, Berkeley) to develop new AO scanning laser ophthalmoscopes for in vivo imaging of the human retina at cellular scale.

In summary, he is an author of 21 peer-reviewed papers (642 citations, h-index: 13), he presented more than 50 communications at international scientific meetings and participated in 9 research projects funded by Spanish and European agencies and leading international companies. On the other hand, he is co-founder of a spin-off company and co-inventor of 2 international patents.

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